11 06 2006


The plain girl washes the room of mirrors, knows
too well the lies they hock. She had vowed

to gaze straight for once, attest to him the world
that wasn’t his. New Zealand nurtured her. China—

— is an economic powerhouse
And this minion of granmama’s, this
merchant tall for his race—his breath!Chou louh!

Old women talk of wedding plans, discreetly; they
employ the simple ‘twittering of sparrows.’

The man wants residency; his life is not his own.

The judge on TV finds for the husband, delivers
a short but tearful speech on morality,

swivels robot-like, targets her eyes (extreme
close-up). She knows this scene well: a shallow film.

Yet how could she have missed those incredible eyes?

(Chòu lóuh: rude; vulgar.)

© Tony Lee, October 2002




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