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21 11 2006

:: memory pocket ::

I just got a new television for the flat in the weekend, and saw Campbell Live for the first time in a long time. Now, I’ve always been a bit chary of watching the Deep Throated One because of an uneasy feeling he leans too left and is hence an impartial ambassador to that liberalism I hold almost as dear as my cynicism. Tonight, though, he surprised me.

The news crackling through the nation today was of an injunction on the release of Nicky Hager’s new book, The Hollow Men, which is said to be full of juicy details exposing the gears and springs of the inner circle at the top of the National Party. That wet sound you hear is the simultaneous smacking of salivating lips up and down the country. What’s in store for Don Brash? Early scuttlebutt is it’s got something to do with the Exclusive Brethren and the last election.

Brash is claiming that his email were stolen β€” although he never quite comes out and says his workstation was hacked β€” and is trying to fling some mud at Hager. For his part, the man who broke Corngate and got himself on the wrong side of Helen Clark for years is saying this is all fog and smoke. Just wait till the book comes out, he says, taking the high ground. Nice for him if it works out that way.

And come out the book, according to Cambell’s two panelists, a constitutional expert and a National Party historian. From what I heard with the one ear I pinned to the tv, the historian was gamely standing up for the party, while the expert was all for lifting the injunction β€” and the sooner the better. Good times.

One of the most interesting things that Hager said in his interview with Campbell was that, despite journalists fixing early on Brash after news of the injunction broke, the revelations in the book are not confined to him, but are a symptom of the party in a wider sense.

Oh, and before I forget. It’s interesting how Brash’s strategy is to spit at the media. From what I’ve read of the US conservative revolution since the ’80s, he seems to have taken a page from their book and is seeking to intimidate the press. Good luck with that, Don.




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