Nasty bloggers

5 03 2007

Much as I love reading blogs—especially those from the left in the US—I get the feeling that American lefties have been in the minority for so long that some will sink to troubling levels to get in a ‘gotcha’ moment. Max Blumenthal is one such person, and Mark Kleiman rightly takes him to task for it.

[W]hen Blumenthal asked Coulter “why, as an exponent of the sanctity of
marriage, you’ve had three broken engagements and never been married,”
he set himself up for a perfect comeback: “Thank you for respecting my
right to privacy.”

One thing a lot of bloggers (especially on the right, but also on the left) don’t do is the simple switcheroo—they don’t ask themselves, what if our positions were switched, would I see my position as ludicrous? Just as Bill Clinton’s sex life shouldn’t be anybody’s business but his (and Hillary’s), so Ann Coulter’s sex life is her own affair. Sure, those wingnuts who adore her are certainly guilty of some, er, selective priorities. But just because they’re being hypocritical doesn’t mean we can do the same (Just this once, please, and only because it’s to take down the bad woman? Sorry, no).

Not enough people on the left understand this in the US.

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