People power

10 04 2007

Power to the paper peopleHelen Clark is proposing public financing of elections. I would be behind this 100%, but a good friend and official Smart Dude says it’s a political dead-end.

I’m not so sure. The Coalition for Open Government has been reformed to help raise public awareness of the importance of transparent campaign finance. One of its founders is Patricia Grace. (Yes, that Patricia Grace.)

However, early reception of the proposal has been  … weird. Take these two headlines from the NZ Herald.

“Law change hits National cash”

“Labour plans big taxpayer grants to political parties”

Could they be more slanted? Looks like the libertarians have taken over the NZ Herald. They certainly are trying their best to tar campaign finance reform over at DPF’s place. I especially like the parallels his first commenter draws between Labour on the one hand and Lenin, Hitler, Pinochet, and Mugabe on the other. But that’s Labour for you: objectively pro-Holocaust.




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