Exciting times for muckrakers

12 04 2007

Delete keyWhen the news media talks about blogs, it kind of infuriates me that they flatten the huge differences between wankfests like Red State and Little Green Footballs, and blogs like Talking Points Memo, which actually models itself on professional news outlets. TPM of course, can claim the credit for joining up the dots on the US Attorney scandal in Washington and pushing for the media to take notice of it, despite indifference and resistance from an entrenched (and mostly elite) establishment.

Now, the latest news is that the White House has lost an “undetermined” number of emails which were sought by a House oversight committee — quite be accident, you understand. These emails are suspected of detailing the planning behind the US Attorney scandal; their release would have blown the whole thing wide open.

The Politico is saying “this is a big problem for the White House”, but I’m willing to bet the White House has weighed the options, and is willing to take the short-term hit. Anyone who doubts this scandal was a major deal need look no further than this transparent attempt to feed the homework to the dog. If the White House is reduced to making this kind of desperate risk assessment, choosing indeed to let itself be raked over the coals for this — and there is no question but that it deserves to be — then the underlying offence surely rises to criminal levels.

The parallels to Watergate are obvious. These are indeed exciting times for muckrakers.